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Violet Wine

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

This time last year, the violet flowers blossomed in the extreme. It felt magical and beautiful. I candied some and dried more, but the most surprising concoction I made was Violet Wine. My Grandad used to bring a posy of violets home for my Nana and the plants that I have in my garden originated from my Great Grandmothers garden. They hold a place of high esteem for their beauty, memories and medicinal use.

Starting as an experiment, I made Violet Wine. I now make this every year and serve it like a fine dessert wine to my dinner guests.

This wine is sweet, aromatic, decadent and dare I say,... medicinal as Violets aid in supporting restful sleep and are a gentle herb that should be added to any sleep blend, assisting with ease of inflammation.

Here's what I did.

I​n the early morning, I​ ​picked a very large handful of violet flowers, removed the stems and placed the flowers in a large Agee jar. Over this, I poured a bottle of Italian merlot (as most Italian wines contain no sulfides), covered it and left it in a cool place (out of direct sunlight) for 1 month.

After decanting and straining - as there are inevitably some little bugs in the flowers - the contents were tasted, and to our great delight, a delicious and occasional addition to our sleep time routine began. Just a nip. I have to say, I felt like I'd created a magic potion.

​If you want to try this out, why wouldn't you!.. there are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Always ensure that you know what the plant is that you are picking,

  2. Good foraging rules - always take only what you need and leave plenty for others (and for the next time),

  3. Be mindful of the environment the plants have grown in and that there are no toxins or animal faecal matter,

  4. Use only wine that you would drink. Do not use anything that is corked and may potentially have off flavours.

Happy concocting my friend.

Many blessings Julie xx

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Nathaniel Burbery
Nathaniel Burbery
Oct 11, 2022

Thanks Julie for sharing. I am wondering whether it is possible to get an infusion of the violet flavour without having to first decant the wine [as this can obviously lead to oxidation / vinegar!]. Could you use a very small amount of vodka, simply as a solvent for the aromatic flavour compounds, or perhaps some vinegar or a small amount of canola oil? You would just have to mix the violet aromatics into the wine, as you pour your glass? ka pai!

Julie Craig
Julie Craig
Oct 11, 2022
Replying to

Hi Nathaniel,

I've not had any problems with oxidation or the wine turning to vinegar. If you ensure that the decanter is the right size for the volume of wine, you'll be fine. To aid in keeping your wine as wine, ensure your equipment is sterile and has not held any previously oxidised wine or vinegar.

You could use vodka at 40%, apple cider vinegar or a good quality oil (not a seed oil, as these go rancid quickly) to infuse the violets; however, I wouldn't add any of that to the wine.

I'd love to hear how you get on.

Julie xx

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