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Eat This Instead!

I used to jokingly refer to my diet style as being an Econivore. Many years ago, that meant that I fed my family what most people didn't want to eat, and it was, therefore, cheaper than the usual market foods. I still subscribe to this as it means eating wonky or ugly foods that don't look good on the shelf, and more often now, I am extending our meals with seasonal weeds and flowers. If you're like me and are always looking for new and creative ways to grow your food and keep your consumption nutrient-dense and economical, then look at my "Eat This Instead" series.

I'm a big believer in a diverse diet, and it's no surprise that some foods are superior in nutrition to others. Some are so delicious that you don't want to stop eating them! With this in mind, I have compiled a collection of FREE (in-person) workshops to help you achieve both while thinking out of the box. Register and find out how adding a vegan or vegetarian meal or a part of your meal to your diet once a week can not only help you see your food in a different light but also be economical and make a difference to your carbon footprint.

To make a change in your diet means that you have to be eager or excited about what you're going to eat, so I've taken ice cream, burgers and cheese, food that is often seen as bad for you and turned them into something that can make a small but significant difference to your budget, nutrition and ease of meal preparation - and be good for you! Reducing your consumption of dairy and meat products (not necessarily eliminating them) can also make small, consistent changes to your carbon footprint. What's not to love? If, like me, you only make the change once you are convinced that it will be delicious, these workshops and recipes will help you. If you'd like to hear more about this, listen to my conversation with Diane and Tom at Radio Rhema about my thinking about making minor adjustments to your lifestyle. Please feel free to listen in here.

Workshops are in the central and outer areas to make them accessible to everyone. While the workshops are free, they are limited in number and registrations are necessary.

I hope you can make it!

We are very grateful to the Auckland City Councils Climate Fund that has contributed to these workshops and enabled us to provide them to you at no cost.

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