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About Us

Julie Craig

Meet Julie Craig - a tutor, author, and columnist who is absolutely passionate about living sustainably! Julie is a horticulturally trained and experienced food practitioner, and she's the amazing wildcrafter who leads the classes for Oak and Thistle. What does she teach? Everything from food initiatives, brewing, foraging, to making home remedies and household products. But that's not all! Julie is also a firm believer in fostering strong communities through bartering, sharing, and teaching.

Derek Craig

Derek is a highly skilled Restoration Ecologist and Plant Historian, with a wealth of knowledge and passion for Heritage Gardening. With years of training and experience, he is renowned in his field as a practical and inspirational guide. Derek's sustainable lifestyle in Auckland is a testament to the power of applying his expertise to support his family and the local community. If you're looking for a leader in the field of ecological restoration and gardening, Derek is the perfect guide.

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