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Introduction to Oak and Thistle
Listen to Julie's first interview with Diane Campbell at Radio Rhema
Living Abundantly
Interview With Diane Campbell at Radio Rhema
Hear about our bartering and food resilience journey
Growing Healthy Berms
Julie Talks to Diane about how to successfully nuirture and grow food on your berm.
Medieval Food
Julie Talks to Diane at radio Rhema about food practices in bygone eras
Keeping Chickens
Julie talks to Diane at Radio Rhema on how to keep chickens.
Julie talks to Diane at Radio Rhema about how to Forage
Julie talks to Diane at Radio Rhema about her personal journey with Dyslexia and how being a global thinker is a gift.
Food Security after Covid 19
Julie Talks to Andrew at Radio Rhema about how to save money and rethink your shopping after the Covid 19 lockdown.
Christmas Cake & Victorian Traditions
February 2021 - What's Happening in the Oak & Thistle Kitchen
Julie & Diane discuss what's happening in the Oak and Thistle Kitchen this month.
Overview of Oak & Thistle Star Radio
A brief overview of some of Oak & Thistle's philosophies with Lizzie from Star Radio
Apples & Quinces in March - Radio Rhema
Julie talks with Diane at Rhema about March Abundance - Apples and Quinces.
March 2021 Quinces & Apples - Star Radio
For March we talk about Apples and Quinces with Lizzie from Star Radio, including some of the problems you can face and how to solve them.
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