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March Abundance - Apples Galore

March brings us into the Autumnal Abundance of Apples

In the heart of Maungaturoto are some dear friends of ours. We visited them recently, before the latest lockdown, and in their usual gracious style, they sent us home laden with grapes, blackberries and apples. Some have been turned into wine. The rest are for dehydrating into apple rings and stewed for the winter months. I've used the machine below for many years now. In fact, I have many that I've collected from second hand shops for the autumn season! Family if you're listening, you'll be getting a call soon!

The Slicer and peelers that I use are sold by the big companies like stevens and the warehouse. So if you're looking, google Apple Slicer and there will be plenty available. You'll thank me when all your apples need processing. I'll also be making a jelly from the apple skins and cores. An easy and affordable food that's a replacement for sugar when cravings occur. Though my go to is maple syrup.

I have a delicious recipe for Apple Fritters that is super easy and delicious, You'll find it here.

If you're fortunate enough to have an abundant apple tree remember that thinning of the tree and removing any damaged or diseased fruit and cleaning up any branch damage is essential. Especially if you have overladen branches that have broken under the weight. If you are interested in learning more about Post Harvest Pruning then come along to our workshop that will be held at the beautiful Earthson in Swanson in April. If you're interested in the Cheese Making & Sausage Making Workshop, click on the images below and have a look.

The kitchen has been busy with all manners of ferment. The latest is fermenting garlic in honey. In preparation for the colder season, the use of the garlic in raw food and taking a teaspoon of the infused honey throughout the winter months acts as a prebiotic for your gut, aids in digestion and improves your immunity. As well as staving off colds this garlic ferment is delicious. It is vital that you use fresh garlic (not the chinese cheap one as this has been bleached). Before putting the garlic into the raw honey, crush it a little to allow the release of allicin. This release causes the honey to become more fluid. Burp this liquid every day to avoid having a garlic hand grinade and use as medicinally during the colder seasons.

We are very happy to let you know that the Falconry range of Vegan & Organic Botanical Moisturisers is now available on the Oak and Thistle website. You can have a look here.

In these strange times, be kind and stay safe . Many blessings,


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