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Oak and Thistle 

Urban Farming & Abundant Living



Oak and Thistle have always welcomed e v e r y body to our space, no matter who you are or what level of skill you have. It saddens us to have to restrict who comes in; however, as always, your health and safety is always our No.1 priority.
It has been a tough two years for us, we have had workshops cancelled again in this extremely long lockdown, and if we wait until everybody is allowed in, then our business would not survive. 
Therefore, so we can operate optimally at ALL levels of the Covid-19 Protection Framework (now traffic lights); Oak and Thistle will require all participants and staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before entry to our workshops and events.


What you need to do

  • Make sure you download your 'MY VACCINE PASS'. 

  • The My Vaccine Pass is the only one that we will accept.  You can print it, but we need to scan the QR code on the Covid Verifier app. Please do not email us any vaccination letters or screenshots as we are not permitted to hold any records. We need to scan your QR code.

  • We will need to scan your QR code at each workshop or event.

  • If you are unfamiliar to us, we are required to ask for photo ID to confirm your identity. 

  • Please book for classes. We do not have a door sale option as we must adhere to 1m social distancing.  

  • Make sure to arrive in plenty of time to complete the above before your workshop begins 

  • Please do not put any of our Team in a difficult position by asking them to trust that you are vaccinated without proof. It is stressful situation for everyone involved and we are working hard to ensure an easy flow. So get the QR Code, and all will be zen!

                                                   PLEASE HELP US STAY OPEN AND OPERATING

                                                   Terms and Conditions as of the 9th of  December 2021

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