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Hello Sweetpea

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Summer has arrived and with it the late spring flowers are still in bloom. One of my favourites is the humble sweetpea. She rises towards the growing sun and releases a perfume that is both delicate and intense. In the garden they last for weeks and in the vase only days.

The seeds of the sweetpea are easily harvested in mid to late summer and are precious in my collection.

In the language of flowers, the sweet pea holds the symbolic meaning of blissful pleasure. Its upright, clumping flower clusters also symbolize good wishes, friendship, kindness, and goodbyes. At this time of year, after a long lockdown in Auckland, I like to think of them as reconnection and hello's. Derek has always called our daughter, Meoghan, Sweetpea. I love it. When you understand the meaning of the flower, you have an insight into how beautifully he speaks to her.

My neighbour had some in a pot and left them on my doorstep as seedlings. They were such a joyful gift on so many levels.

So my wish for you all before the Christmas season is in full bloom is for some blissful pleasure, good wishes and kindness.

Many blessings

Julie xx

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1 Comment

Juliet Batten
Juliet Batten
Dec 10, 2021

How lovely to read your sweet words on the sweet pea Julie, and to see the beautiful work that you are doing! I love the piece about Derek calling your daughter Sweetpea. That is so endearing. Juliet B

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