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Following Nature's Rythm

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

If you follow garden wisdom, you simply do what is needed to stay healthy and regenerate. You access nourishment from a healthy biome, get enough sunshine, rain and air. Put down roots for stability, grow in an environment where there are other plants that support your life, and you theirs and given the right opportunity, procreate. A simple life. We however throw in emotions, lack of sleep, screen time and the list goes on to distract us from our core needs.

For some, self care is an easy element of daily life. A ritual, part of the schedule. For others it can be a difficult process and in our busy lives, filled with internal expectations and the vision of who we are, I believe that we simply forget or find it just another thing to do. We all imagine self care in different ways. To meet our body's needs, to fulfill our love language or to stop and regroup. There is no restriction on how you take care of yourself, only the time and the inclination to do it.

You see, self care is really Self Love. Let me say that again. Self care is really... Self Love. Not selfish nor selfless. Self Love resides in the middle of two extremes that play with out our inner fears.

It doesn't have to be serene. Just real. If you're like me, self care can be the first thing to fall off your list of things to do when stressed. It doesn't matter, when you can, forgive yourself and begin again even if it takes you some time.

Everyone's needs, at their core, are very much the same. Give yourself a night off and be like the garden (except with better pillows and blankets!). Eat nourishing food with the people you care for most and begin with one healthy choice that makes you feel better. That one thing my friend will serve you well.

many blessings

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