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How much Sunshine do you get on your Shoulders?

In our modern world of getting ahead and making a living so we can keep our families safe, housed and fed, we can sometimes forget to just enjoy the meaningful and the smaller moments of our day. Being mindful is the modern terminology, staying present in everything that we do. Listening to all the bird sound when we are hanging out the washing or smelling the wet grass on your walk or feeling that you've accomplished your mornings tasks and really made a difference while you have your lunch. It's not really about what we are doing though is it?- it's about how we feel about what we are doing that makes every part of our daily life a joy or a chore. Whether the day seems grey and overcast or you sit at the smallest piece of sun light in your living room or office - your outlook will manifest itself in your surroundings and visa versa. How many times have you wished for a better situation or a change in something that is bothering you. Of course there are so many external forces I hear you say - but our response to any given situation is still the answer. We can feel sad or our bodies get a shock and it creates a drop in your immune system. We bounce back quickly if this happens occasionally. However, when we don't get enough sleep, eat the right food or move enough, there is not always the resilience we rely on to keep us operating at "normal or acceptable" levels. I'm certainly no expert on a peaceful life, but I can share snippets of what has worked for me.

1. Set achievable goals -Don't burden yourself with tasks you know you either can't do or complete and make certain you celebrate the goal that you have met.

2. Keep a list of everything that is on your mind - make your daily goals and tasks from this list.

3. Walk. Go into nature and enjoy the fresh air, the greenery, the Winter sunshine on your shoulders, the morning dew and the rain. Sounds a little out there? Do it - I guarantee you your body will breathe deeply and thank you.

and lastly, 4. Be kind to yourself. You teach people how to treat you. Be your kindest friend, forgive yourself, laugh constantly and enjoy your own company.

Remember that it's not how much we have or what we do, it's in the small things that matter... Connection, joy, gratefulness and having a good understanding of who you are and why your day was how it was.

So how much sunshine do you get on your shoulders?

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