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Linzer Torte 1653

160 g almond meal

280 g butter

140 g sugar

2 eggs, 2 yolks

300 g flour

1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp clove (increase the spices to your own taste)

raspberry marmalade or jam

Beat the butter until light and creamy looking then add the almonds and whole eggs. Add the yolks one by one then add the sugar and flour. Once combined, knead the dough until it reaches a medium consistency (not too dry or soft). 

Roll out 2/3 of the dough (not too thin) and gently place into into a greased tart pan (preferably a spring release one)  

Coat the dough in the pan with the berry marmalade / jam.

Combine the remaining dough (1/3) with spices, and if the dough becomes too soft, add some flour, then leave it to rest in a cool place for an hour.

Roll out the spiced dough and cut into strips.  Place them in a criss cross pattern on top.

Bake the torte in a preheated oven at 175°C for an hour. When baked, leave to rest for up to two days in a cool environment.Serve with whipped cream (ice-cream works well too!)  Enjoy.

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