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The AGEE Jar Enabling Society

My obsession with these sturdy, ageless and reliable jars began when my Nana gave me her small collection. My preserving journey began with her, and every time I make something new, I always think about how my Nana would have loved to taste this. It's a beautiful feeling in what can sometimes be a fast-paced life. You see, for me, the journey of food is not about the eating (though that is the end result), it's about taking a glut of produce or a seasonal weed, flower or vegetable, and slowing down to clean, cut and cook and putting it in my inherited jars, and of course, the many, many jars that I have collected throughout the years—then having an abundance to share with my friends and family, who are sent home with bags of prepared food. It's in the giving that I find the most joy. When we have company, there is a hotchpotch of delicious food to share and mull over.

Derek always sighs when I tell him that I have saved some Agee’s from a second-hand store, but he’s learned to trust that I have a purpose for them, and I always do. Sometimes that purpose is to find a beautiful stained glass cabinet to put them in, and sometimes, I am lucky enough to find one. Always second hand and maybe with a cracked piece of glass that has made it useless to someone but has made its imperfection perfect for our little house. The oak cabinet pictured above was my first ever purchase of anything for myself. It was $10 with no stained glass, and it will always be my favourite. It’s currently filled with Agee Jars of 98% pure vodka for tinctures, essences and limoncello... mmmm Limoncello.

So, although my kids often joke about how many jars I have or OMG where are those going to go, I always hope that one day, far in the future when I’m gone, that someone else will be filling these same jars and having the same joy of quietness and giving. Go forth and save the agee jars my friends.

Many blessings to you all.

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