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Embrace your flawesome-ness

Updated: Oct 11, 2022

It has taken me a lot of years to understand my flawesome-ness and to be ok with saying, I'm a little bit awesome. It's about changing the over thinking and removing the unhappiness that comes from thoughts that are unkind and unhelpful that limit me. Let's face it, we all talk about ourselves and to ourselves, many times a day.

That voice in our head that chimes in when anxiety invites it to stay for a while, causing over thinking and can stall you, has to have a light shine on it.

Imagine what a relief it would be to give it a good talking to and move forward without its weight. Well, it's absolutely do-able. It's totally a process and there is no finish line. We are a work in progress, imperfect humans with ego and desires. I think it starts with being kind. Sometimes kindness is to say no. Sometimes yes. In simple terms, Who you are is not defined by your job, your wealth or status, but by the thoughts and intentions you have, how easily you forgive (including yourself) and move forward.

If I could send you anything, it would be to be kind to yourself. To speak to yourself kindly. For the people around you to love you and treat you kindly. For your life to be a series of events that make you feel connected and loved and for you to belong in a place with other kind people.

So tell the people who matter how much they matter, take the trip and make memories, learn a new skill, do that workshop, move (however works for you) for your physical and mental health and then allow yourself to rest

Many blessings

Julie xx

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