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Spring into Action

I don't know what it is, but this time of year I get a sudden urge to clean everything and clear spaces. I'm pretty sure it's the smell of the rain on the mowed grass. You know - those hopeful days when the sun is shining and everyone is outside like it's the middle of summer, only to retreat when the persistent winter rain continues its spate. The anticipation of the 1st of September, the beginning of Spring and the promise of all the magnificent, delicious smelling freesias and daffodils that embody the sun fills my senses with glee, or maybe it's just because I've been hibernating for far too long and my mind is rebelling - because this sister's body is really happy to sit inside in the warmth!! It hasn't all been slumber and warm blanky's though. We've been putting together a series of exciting and, I think, innovative workshops that expand on what we have been offering throughout the Auckland region for 2018 and I am so happy to say that we have partnered with some incredible organisations to deliver great content to willing and eager audiences. I am so fortunate- I GET to do what I love - every day!! EVERY DAY!!

We are still working for the next half of the year to deliver some essential and core classes.

16th September (Sunday 2-4pm) Beginners Soap Making

20th October (Saturday 2-4pm) Fermenting

2nd December (Saturday 1-3) Summer Pruning

15th December (Saturday 2-4pm) Home-made Laundry Products

We are excited that there are so many people participate in our journey and the simple life we live. To offer these workshops is a great gift to us.

Between the classes I'll be brewing, distilling and creating some videos about what's going on in the Oak and Thistle Kitchen - so watch this space!

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