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Spring into Action!

The first inkling or warmth felt on Saturday did it's job of tricking me into spring cleaning. Yes, the windows and doors were opened, the heat pump turned off and the washing on the line. Cold black tea was reserved to wash the windows and the the sourdough starter was foaming up with the heat. The Water Kefir bubbled away furiously for it's second ferment, the washing was on the line and the neighbours cat was lying in the grass in our front verge amongst the spinach and butterflies. All before 9am. Then 9:30 came and the world went dark. The wind whipped up and the rain front that I had somehow chosen to ignore crashed down. I rushed to shut the doors and windows as I looked sadly down the property at my fresh washing.

It's all a bit of a dance isn't it? Getting everything done at home so you can get to work and still have everything working harmoniously when you return. Goodness knows I've had my fair share of well thought out ideas turning to mush. So I developed six strategies that have helped me stay motivated and remember to live the way I want to.

1/ One thing at a time. If you're like me, ideas come fast and sometimes the next project develops in my head while I'm smack bang in the middle of another. I've learned to quickly jot it down and then leave it until I have finished the task at hand before I return to it. Keeps my brain a little more ordered - not always easy when your a creative person who needs to move to learn.

2/ Create a routine. Before I put the jug on for tea in the morning, as I don't have a water filter, I put aside some of the cooled boiled water from the night before and use it to feed the sourdough. Not much to write home about I know, but if it doesn't get put aside I have to wait for the freshly boiled water to cool and it puts my morning routine out. No OCD going on here, just a little efficiency. Right?

3/ Write a list. Every day is different so when I have some space the night before I jot down some of the things that I want to achieve for the next day and if I'm feeling particularly organised I add ideas to my long term list. I'm not hard on myself if it doesn't happen. After all, you can't always predict when the rain is going to come, but I've found that when I have a list I am more likely to achieve my goals and have a better idea of how things will end up.

4/ Spend time with like minded people. This is an easy one for me. My little family is so blessed to be surrounded by lots of creative, happy and real people who love our company and we love theirs. It's easy to stay inspired and motivated when you can share your ideas and passions with friends who care about you.

5/ Enjoy what you do. On a good day it's easy to be up and happy. It's the days that challenge you that determine who you are. A lot of my days are spent alone and sometimes the feelings of isolation can take me over, more often than I like to admit. On these days, I have to be kind to myself and just check in with what I need in that moment. A coffee with a friend, a walk or sometimes to just breathe. In. Out. Having work that you enjoy helps you in navigating the sometimes challenging days and helps you to stay focused.

6/ Breathe. Get that sympathetic nervous system working for you and breathe deeply and slowly, regularly. It helps to keep everything in order in your head and slows your thoughts down so that your current task can be easily achieved.



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