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Return of the Light

August is always a promise of what's to come isn't it. It's the time between the longest night and the Spring Equinox that we get days when the weather shines brightly one day and pours the next to trick the unsuspecting gardener into planting a few fragile herbs. A tease? Yes, but it is the earth beginning to re-emerge in our little part of it with burgeoning and confused flower buds. and the daffodils peek through early to cheer up the darker winter colours. It's important to take notice of the small changes that begin to occur not just in the garden but within ourselves.

Spring greens are growing in preparation for our detox from winter and our bodies remind us that we need to move more, breathe deeply and take care with what we put into and onto our bodies. With that in mind I have developed a workshop to show you how to make your own cosmetics. I've been wearing my own make up for many months now. So you're basically learning from all my experiences and tests on myself !

I've had a remarkable side effect... my skin is softer and more dewey. If you're interested in coming to my workshop you can register here.

Remember to make freshly fermented foods to keep your gut biome happy and healthy. Coming into the end of winter our bodies need the constant source of minerals, enzymes and probiotics that are essential to our health. Most of all go outside and enjoy the mist on your face and the crisp air in your lungs as it won't be too long before we will all be complaining that it's gone!

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