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Take time for tea


In my busy life I have often felt disconnected from the very things that I work so hard for and I am so keenly aware in my own life that connection with other people - on my own terms - is one thing I need. I know I am not alone in this. In fact, I feel it very keenly from my busy friends who's lives are all very different - the one thing that fills them up is friendship and closeness. I used to get to the end of my day with out having taken any time out to centre and calm my inner critic or to be discerning about where to go next. Now, however, I am creating the habit of taking this time. Where ever I am. What ever I am doing. It is so important. So I ask you - Do you take the time to sit and be? Is there space for a cup of tea with friends? How important are the connections you miss? I've re-discovered my ipod and have enjoyed my own music with no interruptions playing while I take the dog for a walk and enjoy the crisp Winter air at Cornwall Park. It is my connection with Bob - the dog and a peaceful release of anything crappy that has been on my path.

I encourage you to start a tea club. Make a deliberate time to have your friends and neighbours over. Connect with people - because you never know how significant that cup of tea could be to someone who is silently lonely.

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