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Pickled Magnolia Petals

Magnolia Petals - cleaned & clear of any blemishes

50ml Rice Vinegar

500ml White Wine Vingegar

1 tsp non-iodised Salt

5 tsp Sugar

Dissolve the salt and sugar in the vingegars - do not heat, just stir.

put the prepared magnolia petals into the jar.  I make them into a round flower spiral (like a rose) and put it in a jar that is large enough to hold 3 rosettes of petals.  I have a 1 litre agee jar and a smaller 5000ml jar...

cover the petals with the vinegar ensuring there is nothing sticking out of the vinegar.

Saal the jar and leave for 4 weeks.

When done, you will have an aromatic, ginger flavoured petal and a beautiful pink vinegar.  


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