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My family loves Picalilli with cheese! Give it a go!

2kg of vegetables - marrow, carrot, cauliflower & beans

1 Cup Salt

1 Cup Sugar

2 Tbs Cornflour

2 Tbs Dried Ginger

2 Tbs Mustard Powder

2Tbs Mustard Seeds

2 Tbs Dried Tumeric

4 Cups White Vinegar

Cut up the vegetables, cover well with salt and put into a colander overnight for the moisture to drain.

The next day, wash well to remove excess salt.

In a saucepan, heat up the vinegar, sugar, ginger, mustard powder and mustard grains.

When the spiced vinegar is warm, put in the washed, drained vegetables and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat.

In a cup (while the vegetables are cooking) put the cornflour, turmeric and a little bit of vinegar.  mix well and add to the vegetables at 3 minutes.  This will thicken your mixture.

Put into warm jars and allow to cool.

Ready in 2-3 weeks 

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