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Beef & Oyster Pie 1861

1kg Rump Steak

24 Fresh Oysters (save the liquor)

Salt & Pepper

1 cup of Stout or dark beer

50gm butter

2 Tbs Flour

1 Brown Onion

6-10 small new potatoes, previously diced and boiled

1 sheet of flaky pastry


Cut the steak into large pieces (the size of a teacup). Remove any sinew.

Shake salt and pepper over the meat and quickly fry in butter to brown.

Once browned, sprinkle flour over the meat and stir in.

Place the oysters and their liquor, onion and beer/stout in the pan and simmer for five more minutes on medium heat.

Remove from the heat and put aside.

In a medium size pie dish, neatly place the collops of steak, oysters and new potatoes and cover with the remaining sauce.

Cover with the pastry and decorate as you wish

Bake for 1 hour at 180°C or 160°C on fanbake.


Original recipe

The Cooks Guide and Housekeeper’s and Butlers Assistant, 1861

Charles Elme̒ Francatelli

Cut up about two pounds of rumpsteak in collops the size of a teacup; trim away unnecessary fat and sinew without waste; season with pepper and salt; fry them brown on both sides with a little better than an ounce of butter; shake in two tablespoonfuls of flour;  add two dozen fresh opened oysters ad their liquor; add a little Harvey, and chopped onion; shake round gently over the fire, allowing all to simmer together for five minutes; arrange the collops of beef, &c., neatly in the pie dish; add the sauce and a few cooked new potatoes; cover with paste; bake for one hour and serve.


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