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Refreshing and Alive – Kombucha

Activate your gut to absorb more nutrients with this refreshing and fizzing delight. An informative workshop to improve your health and enrich your life.

This delicious fermented drink contains beneficial enzymes and nutrients that improve digestion and boost your beneficial gut flora and immunity.

In this in-depth class, you will learn the process of making kombucha and its secondary Fermentation process, how to keep a scoby hotel and understand the principles of prebiotic and probiotic processes.


Participants receive their own SCOBY, starter liquid and a handout with brewing instructions to take home. Bring a medium sized jar with a screw on lid!

Class numbers are limited, so be in quick!

Kombucha - Activate your Gut Health




  • PLEASE NOTE:- We do not refund due to the limited spaces available, please check your schedule carefully- Full payment is required before your place is secured.

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