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Julie has developed and researched non toxic products for you to safely use in your home.  Take a break, enjoy the coffee and take in all of Julie's expertise to keep your home chemical free. Julie will walk you through how to produce healthy, safe products that keep your family nurtured and protected.

You will learn how to make:
Soft Cleaning Paste

Washing Powder

Washing Liquid

Clothes Softener

Wood Polish

General Purpose

Glass Cleaner

Window & Mirror Cleaner

Bath Scrub

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Infused Vinegars for cosmetic and laundry

Carpet Deodoriser

Air Freshener

Super Sensible & Chemical Free Laundry Products



    Spaces Limited

    - We do not refund due to the limited spaces available, please check your schedule carefully
    - Full payment is required before your place is secured

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