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Probiotic Deodorant Balm deodorant is designed to aid in keeping your armpits feeling and smelling fresh.  The sweaty smell that humans experience is from an abundance of bacterium that can easily thrive on the protien your body exudes.  We are meant to sweat, but we don't have to smell bad while doing it!    This product pairs very well with our Underarm Mask.

Lemongrass makes you feel uplifted and fresh!

30gm in Glass Jar

Probiotic Underarm Balm Deodorant-Lemongrass

Dispatched on Friday the 15th December
  • Falconry Organic's Products contain only pure, ethical and organic ingredients.  Created to aid your body's natural healing process and intuitively designed with Organic Essential Oils and herbs for a harmonious relationship with your body.  

  • In accordance with NZ return policies, if the product is unopened, we will accept it back within 14 days of purchase.

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