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You are going to LOVE this workshop!  You will be guided through every part of the process of distilling your own pure alcohol and how to begin your journey into making your own spirits, including the setup of the still and the process of distilling the alcohol base for tinctures.

Then add to your skill set by adding bitters, electuaries, tinctures and pastilles to your home medicinal repertoire and diet by learning how to incorporate bitter herbs into your daily life.  Eat and drink your way through this stunning workshop that will make you feel like an alchemist.  


All equipment and recipes will be explained. Up-skill to provide a delicious tasting beverage for any occasion.


Spaces very limited

Bitters and Distillation

  • 10am - 3pm

    Light refreshments provided

    Address given on payment.

    - We do not refund due to the limited spaces available, please check your schedule carefully
    - Full payment is required before your place is secured

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