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Live your life as if your prayers have already been answered?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Every day I see memes and blurbs, facebook images and reminders giving instruction on what a best led life should look like. The illusion that they conjur can inspire you or invite you to feel inadequate. Depends on the day they come really and what kind of mood or winding road your day has taken. So when the Phrase, live as if your prayers have already been answered appeared, I stopped and thought about it. Not because it was particularly brightly laid out or that it was inspirational but because it seemed simple. When I asked myself what that would look like - it wasn't as easy as I thought.

I stared at my screen and tried to imagine what an ideal picture of my small part of the world would look like. What would stay and what had to go? What is working and did I still want this life. Ok - so with a spinal injury this year I have had way too much time on my hands to think and ponder the larger questions of life. After such a massive disruption to my life I saw this question as the enemy. Betrayed by my body and feeling sorry for myself more often than I'd like to admit, I no longer had any idea what I could do, let alone what I wanted. In the end, when I boiled life down to its absolute basics it was, health, loving and connected relationships with family and friends (that includes boundaries) and to have a sense of peace and joy. Very Christmassy - I know.

So the questions remains.... If you were asked to live your life as if your prayers have already been answered, what would that look like? Could you answer quickly? Would you be able to take the plunge and make the change?

I sat down and asked myself... What should be my next adventure and how much does it matter to me? What I found myself reall pondering is... how is it that I haven't asked myself this before? I've had children and the fullness of life that comes with that. We have a beautiful family, that has been a tornado of a journey. Now I'm looking to me. Shouldn't I always have been? Have you?

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